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Brand marketing has evolved past one-dimensional advertising-centric campaigns to more integrated and strategic brand experiences that take place across advertising, PR, events, digital, direct, in-store and other channels.

The common threads tying all these touch points together are the delivery of consistent brand experience and tight integration.

At its best, brand experience marketing takes the focus from passive consumption and redirects it towards participation and building relationships.

With strategic face-to-face events and integrated digital platforms, brand marketing becomes a two-way experience that inspires people to action.

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At George P. Johnson, our award-winning brand experience agency is in the business of inspiring action. We give your brand a voice, a purpose and, most importantly, the means to engage an audience.

Learn more about our global brand engagement capabilities:

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Benefits of Brand Experience Marketing

When your coordinated brand experience campaigns are focused on building brand relationships, anything can happen. Including the ability to:

  • Engage and Inspire Users to Immediate Action
  • Increase Conversions, Revenue and Growth
  • Generate Global Word-of-Mouth
  • Inspire and Enable Your Workforce
  • Create Long-Term Brand Advocacy
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Weve seen it happen at events like Dreamforce, where participants were introduced to the new Chatter app and immersed in the Salesforce culture of collaboration.

The seamless integration of social and mobile media played a huge part in the events success, as did the sophisticated and effective outreach program. But it was the attendees themselves who generated the most rewarding response, with:

  • 14,000 active users of the Dreamforce App with Chatter, with 800+ groups formed and 55,000 posts
  • 61,000+ Tweets related to Salesforce.com brands
  • 308,000+ Facebook views (+203% week/week)
  • 1,360 article mentions (+ 75% YoY)

Role of a Brand Experience Agency

We take a holistic approach to brand marketing, creating sustainable, integrated and immersive brand experiences. Its always a personalized program we use whatever approaches work best to advance your brands overall objectives.

Whats more, each GPJ customized brand experience is unique. It may look like Coca Cola's Glaceau Pop-up Store or Jeep Rocks & Road, but it always promises to give you:

  • Global Brand Engagement
  • Strategic Use of Technology to Extend Reach
  • Audience Insights and Market Analysis
  • Measurable Results

To deliver on these promises, weve assembled worldwide teams of creative strategists, digital experts, designers, architects, engineers, writers and programmers. These imaginative in-house experts work together to create:

  • Award-Winning Launch Experiences
  • Live and Virtual Events
  • Award-Winning Original Media
  • Consumer Campaigns, Press and Media Events
  • Targeted Experiential Marketing Strategies
  • Cutting-Edge Digital Integration

Impact of Brand Experience Marketing

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Being brand experience enthusiasts doesnt stop us from loving visual effects. We still believe that the excitement of a stunning first impression can generate significant ROI.

But its the long-term impact of your brand experience marketing that interests us most. After the fireworks have faded and the exhibits packed away, is an audience motivated to act on what theyve seen? Is their emotional connection strong enough to make them brand loyalists?

These are questions we sought to test when we created the branded environment at Ciscos Smart+Connected Communities (S+CC Pavilion) in Shanghai, China.

The response was loud and clear:

  • S+CC declared as one of two big bets for Cisco worldwide
  • S+CC briefings delivered or booked exceeded the target by 124%
  • The event generated a confidence uplift of 70% in Ciscos S+CC with customers
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Unforgettable experiences, global brand awareness and measurable, long-term ROI these are the tenets of GPJs brand experience marketing. And, naturally, the work were committed to delivering to you.

When nothing less than extraordinary will do—we're your team.

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