Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile event in the world. We have been working with clients in Barcelona to create experiences there for over 10 years.

When it comes to a successful MWC experience, it’s not just the technical capabilities of new innovations that count. It’s the human stories that best showcase the possibilities of the new tech. These help visitors interact with the technology and understand the power and impact that it has in day-to-day life. We know this from working with GSMA, Google and IBM at MWC 2019 that a moment of storytelling can differentiate the product and service.

As technology evolves, the possibilities for captivating storytelling through experience also grows. It’s important that brands strive to stay at the forefront of these developments and make sure they are fed directly into their marketing and experience strategies.

In an age of automation and increased technological intelligence, storytelling can ensure that innovation truly cuts through the noise and delivers an emotional impact that really resonates.

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Our MWC success stories:

For GSMA, we brought MWC’s 2019 theme of “Intelligent Connectivity” to life by developing “Innovation City” – a dynamic and fluid concept which fused together some of GSMA’s partners such as KT, Sierra, Huawei, Google and the GSMA programmes with technology. Encompassing dynamic design and movement, ever-shifting colours, shapes and perceptions, Innovation City conveyed one common message that harks back to the brand identity.

Another activation within GSMA Innovation City was Google. We worked with them to present a future of their new operating messaging. To bring this to life, we envisaged ‘A Day in the Life of’ which enabled Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS). It imagined a daily journey and invited visitors to sit below the central Google Tree and surround themselves with a tableau of everyday items signified in micro art installations. With an immediate connection to the everyday activities entitled ‘’Getting Stuff Done” and “Shopping, Eating and Travel”, the Google narrative seamlessly integrated the normality of today into the technology of tomorrow using a simple human story.

Our work with IBM at MWC 2019 was structured on a human story principle, bringing the power of new technologies and innovations to life through interactive AR experiences that allowed visitors to understand how mobile can transform travel and transportation.

Get ready to Connect, Innovate, Evolve, Transform, Agility at scale with IBM. Using immersive pods and a fully interactive touch screen ‘agility cube’ IBM bring to life the art of storytelling with multiple case studies including AT&T & Vodafone.

Partnering with Silent Circle we created an immersive “private” experience at Mobile World Congress to showcase Blackphone 2 and its privacy functions.

The double decker stand was designed to represent the brands security solutions in a way that provoked curiosity and ensured the privacy that it promotes.

The upper deck was built to house a private meeting and hospitality area, and the ground level had floor space for self-guided immersive hands-on experience and sales team demos.

Through our innovative design, we delivered a powerful experience showcasing new technology to drive awareness and brand loyalty.