Creating an online experience






The first hurdle is out of the way!

But how do you translate the connected and human experience found in live events to your online channels?

Below are some tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way at GPJ over the past few years of engaging remote audiences.

Engaging your audience

Moving online does NOT have to equate to less impactful or scaled down results.


Understand your audience’s mindset & environment

Understanding how people consume content and engage online ensures the greatest impact.

In the physical event space, an attendee is far less likely to leave a presentation they have not connected with. In the online space, it’s as simple as walking away from their computer or switching off the feed. Not everyone has the ideal home office set-up and sharing your temporary office set up with your family or friends can be distracting and disruptive.

Brand Experiences not Branded Experiences

It is important to ensure that the experiences created online are true brand experiences, not just a branded platform. Your audience expects your brand to be reflected in all touchpoints.

Don’t overlook the power of human connection

Facilitating your attendees to connect with your brand, content speakers and other attendees will help recreate the opportunities lost by not being an in person event. You can encourage deeper engagement with the content, speaker and other attendees and enable your audience to feel more connected in these unprecedented times by utilising interactive features

Know that content is king

Your competitors are also moving online, so standing out in the sea of noise has never been more important, and your speakers and content have to be compelling and engaging to be heard. Formats are important

Don’t just livestream

A virtual event can, but shouldn’t be, just an online version of the physical event. Planning your content in the digital space, rather than just recording the live event format, will result in richer content. Programmes need a fundamental rethink when it comes to creation &  production.

Maintain production values for key messages

Adhering to broadcast production values rather than ‘on the fly’ streaming ensures quality of message isn’t lost. It is possible to maintain quality production values from an at-home environment using virtual event kits and technical equipment. Be both scripted and well rehearsed, which translates in its generally seamless execution and delivery

Focus, integrate and reap the benefits

Focus the effort on what will create the biggest impact, integrate systems to create a unified, streamlined experience and then amplify the content across your channels to maximise reach.

REACH Engaging remote audiences extends the reach of content and extends the experience.

CONVENIENCE Remote audiences are able to attend or engage at their own appointment

ENGAGEMENT Remote attendees are likely to be in front on an input device enabling us to create opportunities where they’re able to interact with the experience

MEASURABILITY By digesting the experience for a remote audience, we are able to monitor & measure the experiences we create in a very clean, low friction manner.

ENVIRONMENTAL Less people travelling means a smaller environmental footprint


Making it happen

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