Giving to those in need, near and far, for the Festive Season.

Giving to those in need, near and far, for the Festive Season. 

As our world becomes more global and interconnected, we need to become closer to our local communities across the world. 

This year, our office chose nonprofit organisations to give to, some that are close to us in London and also across the globe for those who are in need.  Below are the charities that GPJ UK have elected to support this Christmas season, and when you see the impact they make, you’ll also see why we support them. 

In addition to these gifts, through our Project Pledge program, employees of Project agencies were also able to have individual employee gifts matched. Since its inception in 2016, Project Pledge is another way that we make a difference and amplify our impact. 

We’d love to hear from you – which organisations are near and dear to you? We’d love to consider them for a future giving back effort!

Dragon Cafe

The Dragon Café is a highly effective, creative & social antidote to the loneliness & isolation which is endemic in our society and highly prevalent in mental health. We provide an informal, creative and safe space for people to meet and take part in a range of activities. Everyone who enters The Dragon Café becomes a Patron.  The Dragon Cafe is the flagship project of Mental Fight Club.

Mental Fight Club’s aim is to be an open, welcoming group which puts on exciting, well-organised and inspirational creative events and projects. Most of our part-time paid workers and volunteers have experience in mental health, mainly by direct personal experience but also as friends, family and carers of those with mental ill-health. We work hard to develop ways of working together that help us all with our on-going recovery and self-awareness and equip us with new skills and experience




FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 18 independent organisations. Together, we take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to more than 10,500 frontline charities and community groups. The food we redistribute is nutritious and good to eat. It reaches charities across the UK, including school breakfast clubs, older people’s lunch clubs, homeless shelters, and community cafes. Every week we provide enough food to create almost a million meals for vulnerable people.



Create Arts

Create is the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. Create, Charity of the Year 2020, is the UK’s leading charity empowering lives, reducing isolation and enhancing wellbeing through the creative arts. Our focus is on engaging the most marginalised participants in inspiring, sustainable arts programmes in areas where provision is poor and engagement in the arts is therefore low. We prioritise our work with seven participant groups: young patients; disabled children and adults; young and adult carers; schoolchildren in areas of deprivation; vulnerable older people; young and adult offenders; and marginalised children and adults.



United Nations World Food Programme

In a world of plenty, where enough food is produced to feed everyone on the planet, hunger should be a thing of the past. However, conflict, climate change, disasters, inequality and – most recently – the COVID-19 pandemic mean one in nine people globally is still going to bed hungry and famine looms for millions.

Powered by the passion, dedication and professionalism of our 20,000 staff worldwide, the World Food Programme (WFP) works in over 80 countries to bring life-saving food to people displaced by conflict and made destitute by disasters, and help individuals and communities find life-changing solutions to the multiple challenges they face in building better futures.

We work to enhance nutrition in women and children, support smallholder farmers in improving productivity and reducing losses, help countries and communities prepare for and cope with climate-related shocks, and boost human capital through school feeding programmes.

In conflict situations, we bring relief to exhausted populations and use food assistance to build pathways to peace and stability – work for which WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020