Driving the Industry Forward

5 Minutes. 5 Questions

Alan Perks – Creative Director How do you approach a new client’s event from a creative perspective? What new challenges has the boom in hybrid events created for you? If you weren’t a creative director what would you be doing? How is the creative process for events different from creating for traditional media? What strong … Continued

THE GOOD NEW IS GETTING ONLINE IS NOT NEW TO YOUR AUDIENCE!   The first hurdle is out of the way! But how do you translate the connected and human experience found in live events to your online channels? Below are some tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way at GPJ over the past … Continued

Chris Doggart, Head of Client Success EMEA at George P. Johnson, knows that after a successful pitch, there’s often a bit of a crash on both sides. Here are his tips for making sure you hit the ground running and keep up momentum. There’s nothing quite like the euphoria that comes with getting good news … Continued

As we settle into 2020, it is more challenging than ever to grasp and hold the attention of your everyday consumer. With initialisms like IRL – In Real Life (essentially ‘not on the internet’ ) becoming common vernacular, brands are looking for smarter, more hands on ways to connect with and engage their audiences. In … Continued

Creatives explore, challenge and take risks. Technologists analyze, problem solve and deliver. Great. But is it possible to build exciting viable tech solutions and remain creative? While creatives strive for ideas that enrich and captivate our lives, the perception is that those more focused on the ‘techy’ side of marketing, concentrate on data, performance, and … Continued

Nearly all brands have the power to fundamentally transform their profitability and enhance their reputation among consumers through smarter investment in mobile.  That’s because mobile technology is not just becoming more advanced, it has also become an increasingly integral part of consumers’ lives. Mobile is a habit creator, often seamlessly facilitating new interactions in ways … Continued

Faced with rapidly changing value propositions, automakers need to quickly and clearly explain the value of in-car tech. Disruption has come to the motor industry, presenting brands with numerous challenges that have been well documented in the media. From hybrids and electric vehicles to ride-sharing, self-driving and autonomous technology, the landscape is constantly evolving. This … Continued

Given the recent announcement that London has now officially overtaken New York “to steal the global fintech investment crown”, it’s worth exploring the city’s position as a world-leader in innovation, and the role this has played in the rise of FinTech. With leading financial services event SIBOS having just taken place in London for the … Continued

Experiential marketing builds communities, shifts perceptions and is authentic. How best can brands tap into its potential?   In a world where mis-information and fake news exists, people want authentic interactions with brands, interactions that resonate and help build both personal and community relationships. Live events deliver this. Creating a genuine human connection means focusing … Continued

What we think about ourselves, specifically the quality and content of our thoughts, has a massive impact on our lives, whether that be personal relationships or career goals. You might not realise it, but even simpler words can play a consequential role in the decisions we make.   The word ‘should’ can act as a … Continued

In an age of digital disruption, creating powerful experiences has never been more important.   Marketers know this – 84 percent of Vice President and C-Suite level executives believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success. Designing with a human focus should be at the core of any experience marketing and brand … Continued

How brands are combining technology with live experiences to create real-world connections with consumers.   The convergence of cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and mixed reality is giving brands greater experiential opportunities, opening up more meaningful, relevant and immersive environments. Brands can personalise live experiences and events as well as create and scale these faster. With … Continued

Financial technology, or FinTech, has become a pivotal economic growth driver in the UK.   We are currently the top European destination for FinTech venture capital investment. In 2018, fundraising here reached £15 billion, representing one in every six pounds invested in the sector worldwide. Only the US and China outperformed us. This year’s Innovate … Continued

Matt Box, a senior strategist at George P Johnson Experience Marketing, offers some tips on advertising that he’s picked up from the comedy circuit. They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian … Well they’re not laughing now.’ – Bob Monkhouse I’ve worked in brand strategy at various agencies for just … Continued