George P. Johnson (GPJ) offers VR marketing consultancy for brands visiting The VR Show, London, 20th – 22nd April.

GPJ, the world’s leading experience marketing agency, will be offering delegates specialist consultancy into the world of marketing through VR and helping brands embrace VR technology as a very real marketing tool.

In addition to the agency’s presence on the exhibition floor, Nick Riggall, GPJ’s Head of Digital Strategy, will also be joining The Brand Conference panel on Friday (21st April, 11:50am), offering his views on how clients can enhance their marketing campaigns through VR, and ultimately, grow their business.

In the past 18 months, GPJ has created bespoke end-to-end VR solutions, in-house, for a host of clients, including IBM, Nikon and AT&T, where VR has augmented brand experiences. More importantly, GPJs’ VR solutions have generated data and insight, which have in turn have helped deliver effective and long-term results for clients.

The agency’s experience at the VR Show, positioned within the centre of the showroom floor, will demonstrate GPJ’s own journey of VR technology; a journey gaining rich experience, which will help delegates identify their unique point along their VR journey.

GPJ are also inviting brands to register for dedicated one-to-one meetings, where GPJ will provide further consultancy and real solutions to their VR challenges (through this link:, whatever their level of VR expertise.