We work with the world’s most dynamic brands to dream, design and make breakthrough experiences.

Know it

Mixing primary and secondary research, our world class Strategy practice ensures every experience is designed for positive human outcomes and sustainable business impact.

Dream it

Big results require big thinking. Across screen, space and stage we take an audacious approach in designing experiences that thrill, inform and engage our client’s most important audiences, customers and communities.

Make it

From design and engineering to production, we bring ingenuity and integrity to everything we make. We sweat the big stuff and the small.

Do it

“Make no small plans” is the anthem behind every GPJ experience. This is the legacy we live by and leave behind with every extraordinary experience we deliver with our client partners.


Your guide to the metaverse

Metaverse experiences can be used to tell stories in the first person, enriching the attendee journey. Find out how GPJ can be your guide to how the metaverse can enhance your events.