Learn how to invest in mobile in a way that transforms your brand experiences – our Power of Mobile Whitepaper combines bespoke research with our data and insights.

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Nearly all brands have the power to fundamentally transform their profitability and enhance their reputation among consumers through smarter investment in mobile.

Despite this, the huge power of mobile often goes unrealised. Too many brands have responded to the fact that new mobile technology has increased expectations by playing it safe, following the crowd, creating similar apps and activations, and not properly harnessing the power of mobile to drive new levels of consumer engagement.

At George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, we want to change that, which is why we created The Power of Mobile whitepaper. We want more brands to embrace mobile to enhance brand experiences.

It combines bespoke research conducted among a panel of C-Suite executives with insights shared during roundtables and panel events we’ve hosted around mobile, with spokespeople from major corporates, like RBS, along with exciting mobile-centric start-ups, such as Strava and Seatfrog.

Our research shows nearly all business leaders believe there are significant opportunities to be realised through mobile, but also that nearly all face barriers when it comes to realising these in their own organisations.

Combining our data, our years of experience and expert insight from our peers, clients and network, our whitepaper underlines the value of mobile and empowers brands to overcome the barriers to realising its full – too often untapped – potential.