Where We’ve Been

Benz. Daimler. Ford. The early titans of motor vehicles defined the possibilities of transportation and movement. In the 109+ years working with the world’s top automotive brands, GPJ pioneered and innovated the auto show experience, evolving in lockstep with the industry through every expo, ride and drive.

Jump to the 21st century, the paradigm shift into mobility is now here. Mobility is the ever-expanding progression and collection of transportation, technology, people moving, infrastructure and the connected ecosystems that support it all.

The traditional sense of ‘automotive’ will no longer be confined to the ground or on wheels, but will open up to the skies, autonomous vehicles and speedy rails, connecting people and places like never before.

Where We Are Now

Electrification, advanced air mobility (AAM), smart products, hybrids and full electric vehicles (EVs) define the current state of the industry. With fearless client brands like Amazon Alexa, BYD, Genesis, Navistar, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, NIO, Lotus and Nissan, experiences have seeded the modern mobility conversation since the early 2010’s, building trust in emergent technology and showcasing how new energy vehicles are making movement more environmentally responsible and economically practical.

Autonomous vehicles also factor into mobility, as reliable, smart transportation aims to reclaim commute times. Early adopters like Aptiv used experiential to show that automation is practical and achievable. Thanks to the technology under the hood, brands like NVIDIA and Harman International are advancing mobility software and solutions to power the next generation of vehicles.

With the environment and global sustainability at the heart of the industry, new energy solutions and improving battery technology is also paramount to the greater electric ecosystem. In China, battery giant CATL is revolutionizing the aircraft and civil aviation space with cutting-edge power sources where the EV industry is accelerating ahead of the world.

Where We Are Going

Beyond ground vehicles, the skies are the new frontier of personal transportation.

Supernal, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, is one of the pioneering AAM OEMs developing eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles, working to responsibly co-create the supporting ecosystem and integrate them into existing transit options. They are expecting to see the first FAA certifications in 2028. Our experiential work with long-time aviation partners Gulfstream is also generating tremendous results for the next generation of private aircraft.

As the technology begins to mature and demand increases, mobility brands will need to deliver on their promises of cleaner energy, global sustainability, efficient performance, rider safety and improving the human condition. Shows like CESMWCElectrifcy ExpoIAA Mobility and Auto Shanghai are just some of the spaces where our clients have told their mobility stories. The next steps are clear:

  • Educate people
  • Inspire action
  • Increase credibility through experience

Mobility brands have the open space to begin captivating audiences with the real world values and applications of the industry.

Will You Be Along For the Ride?

The conversations are just starting, but experiences will be here before you know it. Some already are. Is your brand connected to the mobility movement? GPJ is the world’s leading experiential agency, pioneering mobility experiences with the same creative courage as we have with automotive before it. Schedule a brainstorm or a strategy session with us today!