An online game for remote audiences

Challenge: Cisco is well known for working with large companies, but less famous for their small business offering. Cisco Designed for Small Business needed to reach small business owners with a virtual experience, one that could be used in a time that face to face selling opportunities were limited, the global pandemic.

Insight: ‘Don’t tell me how it works, tell me how it will help my business grow’.

A lot of technology products are sold by technical people, to technical people. But small business owners are not necessarily technology experts and may not have an IT expert within their business.

They need assurance that the technology solutions they choose will help them to scale as their business grows, without costly IT expertise.

Solution: A virtual retail store experience hosted on Cisco’s website. You’re the owner of a small fashion company with a big vision. Your mission is to grow the company utilising Cisco Small Business solutions along the way. Have you got what it takes to expand globally?

Step into the expansion chamber to see how your business can unfold in new directions. This papercraft style environment has multiple levels that fold like origami and expand the business each time you implement Cisco solutions.

Starting in a small office and ending up in a large retail space in New York, each challenge demonstrates the business outcomes of using Cisco’s Small Business products.

This experience is being run across online marketing channels and virtual events, including Cisco’s On-Demand Library. Plus for ultimate flexibility, there is a matching VR experience for live events.

Cisco Small Business Activation