Cisco Live 2023 Amsterdam


GPJ has been partners with Cisco delivering all aspects of Cisco Live for over 20 years.  

The return of Cisco Live 2023 Amsterdam was the first time in three years that the community could once again join together for over five days. We needed to create a captivating environment to welcome new and returning participants using the event theme ALL IN. The next challenge was to drive the reduction of carbon emissions, delivering the most sustainable Cisco Live and showcasing Cisco’s approach to sustainability.


GPJ collaborated with Cisco for over twelve months to deliver most areas including thousands of sessions, exhibitions halls, demos, meeting villages, ancillary programmes and more. Whilst translating ALL IN to thousands of participants all on separate journeys.

GPJ built ‘The Hub’ – an engaging and highly-visual brand environment across 14,000 SQM, hosting walk-in labs, lightning talks, certifications, sponsored pop-ups, ‘Social Media Central’ and Cisco’s ‘Sustainability Zone’.

Every step we challenged where we could be more sustainable. Together, GPJ and Cisco upcycled materials, sourced responsibly and employed a full waste management system to make it the most sustainable Cisco Live in its history.

We then integrated digital to craft a seamless experience with online registration, schedule builder, social media, wayfinding and mobile app.

Always with participants at the centre, GPJ defined and developed an environment that reignited their loyalty to the Cisco community and rejuvenated their advocacy.  The graphic environments, sustainable initiatives and digital integration created a coherent experience from start to finish, bringing everything and everyone ALL IN together.