Since 2016 GPJ have created digital experiences at Cisco Live. These experiences add an engaging layer of interactivity that enhances the visitor experience and customer journey.

Most recently GPJ created the Super Sphero Coding Challenge for Cisco Live Europe 2018. This challenge is a game based on one of Cisco’s Smart Cities: Barcelona, where Sphero robots need to be coded to get through the maze and reach the finish line.

The maze highlighted five areas explaining Cisco’s role in shaping smart waste collection, parking, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi solutions and bus shelters.

This experience ensured a high level interaction. It was most often played in groups, provoking mutual conversations about smart cities and Kinetics for cities.

With an average playing time of 30 minutes over 13,700 minutes were spent at the maze. 46% of players expressed an interest in Cisco Kinetic for Cities and were referred to the IoT subject matter experts onsite.

The maze will be reused in a permanent position at Cisco’s Innovation Centre in Barcelona to engage potential clients.