Our Success Stories

At GPJ we’ve got the skills and expertise to create powerful experiences that engage audiences remotely whether that be virtual, interactive, live-streamed or a hybrid of all. We are at forefront of new broadcast technology and digital activations.

Re-brand Live Broadcast Announcement

In 2018, Norwegian oil company, Statoil, rebranded to Equinor. This was a milestone event in Norwegian history with huge importance to employees, the government and global stock markets. With a workforce of 28,000 based in 103 offices, facilities, oil-rigs, wind and solar farms worldwide, we developed and implemented a global broadcast strategy to seamlessly announce the news internationally to Statoil employees, media and stakeholders in a consolidated and fail-proof way.


Hybrid Cisco GSX

Cisco tasked GPJ with taking their global sales meeting, a traditional physical event with a 20 year history, and redesign the experience for a global sales force of 20,000. As at least 20% of employees could not attend in person, we created an innovative hybrid GSX that focused on connecting both live and online audiences across multiple channels. Our solution was an attendee-centric design – one that was highly customised to individual attendees’ interests and needs and reflected how those interests changed over the course of the GSX experience. GPJ set the goals and guidelines for GSX success, putting the right digital design and technology behind it. Leveraging responsive design, the GSX site was an “Anywhere, Anytime” digital experience across all devices.


Sibos TV

Sibos TV was streamed to multiple locations around a live event as well as to the clients’ YouTube channel, providing both live and curated playlists of relevant content to an international audience. Pre-conference session programmes and post-session reviews also provided greater depth and breadth to the streamed content, with journalists and industry thought leaders providing comments and insights into the hot topics and debates of the day. High production values from studio design, logo and video sting development through to script writing, presenter/interviewee briefings and a world-class studio team provided a slick and polished production which also contributed to year on year growth in viewers.

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