Challenge: IBM needed to shift the perception that integrating their suite of IBM Cloud and AI solutions is complex and time consuming. They needed to provide sellers with a way of engaging with customers as the first step in a communication plan, which would lead to them signing up for a sales meeting at a time when an in-person meeting wasn’t an option.

Insight:  “Get it first and get it fast”
Flexible and efficient infrastructure is more important than ever, with 48% of IT decision makers looking for solutions that enable faster integration, especially as COVID-19 has meant cloud usage for many businesses is higher than initially anticipated.
Customers needed to see the ease and speed of integrating and using the suite of IBM Cloud and AI products.

Solution: An involving brand experience that gamifies learning. The ‘endless’ runner game showcases the story of IBM’s Cloud and AI solutions and their outcomes for business.
The game demonstrates how easy it is to implement IBM solutions and keep one step ahead of competitors. At the end of the experience, you can delve deeper into what all the IBM Cloud and AI solutions are, and how they will help your business as well as signing up for an IBM virtual event to find out more.

You begin the game by taking control of your character and slowly running and picking up different ‘power-ups’ that level-up your cloud solution. Each ‘power-up’ represents an IBM Cloud and AI solution which gives you increased capability e.g. running faster or removing obstacles – allowing you to reach a further distance and get a much higher score.

This experience is accompanied by two engaging extensions, which were used as community builders to live on past the end of the virtual events – the Strava run club, that encourages players to get outside for a real run and see how far around the continent the group can collectively travel. And a Spotify playlist themed around cloud and running, to get people motivated.

Results: The experience has been translated into 5 languages and used as an engagement tool for over 11 IBM Think virtual events across Europe. All engagements are being tracked back against sales conversion data and will be available at a later date.

When used at the IBM Think Nordics event as part of their drive to registration campaign, 20% of our audience took part in the experience, leading to a total of 1050 sign ups for the virtual event.
Our Strava community is also growing, with a staggering 1256 miles run in just two months, that’s the same as running from London’s Big Ben to Park Güell in Barcelona (with a stop off at the Eiffel Tower in Paris).