Challenge: IBM Think 2018 marked the age of Artificial Intelligence. Last year was about introductions. This year was about business. IBM needed to make AI accessible and relevant to suit all businesses.

Insight: Companies around the globe are encountering similar issues with AI – problems that are preventing them from achieving digital transformation. New IBM technology addresses these issues and the Think events share this knowledge.

Strategy: IBM Think needed to maintain one voice on a global stage in different cities. A consistent worldwide look and feel was created to align Think branding around the globe. Providing this brand of over 100 years with a fresh cohesive voice for a new audience.

Solution: The theme of ‘Technology Meets Humanity’ showcased the world of IBM using contemporary stories to surprise the audience. Through the use of relevant applications, we were able to amplify IBM’s impact on modern businesses.

Every step of the attendee’s journey was integrated with leading IBM technology. The intuitive event app relayed personalised content to visitors, based on their areas of interest. This app was the first of its kind, pioneered by GPJ and launched at Think.

It is just another example of how, we never forget that the most powerful moment of an event is when people connect. That’s where we can inspire and capture both employees’ and customers’ imaginations.