At Sibos, GPJ helped IBM showcase their cognitive security systems by asking companies one simple question: “Are you ready for a threat?”. In today’s data-driven world, serious risks must be addressed head-on.

To capture 100 contacts for IBM to nurture and turn into future contract agreements.

We developed an engaging VR experience that took them to the heart of IBM Watson’s Security Operations Centre. An intriguing virtual demonstration of how IBM solutions support companies in the Cybersecurity War.

The experience was created entirely in-house by our digital innovations team, from scratch. Set in an IBM control room environment, it demonstrated how, through IBM’s industry leading solutions, users can monitor the security of their systems 24/7.

“You should be proud. Thanks for your hard work. It paid off.”

Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, IBM

We surpassed our objective generating 147 contacts. A third of these delegates proceeded to buy into IBM’s cognitive security solutions.

IBM also announced a high-profile deal with a European stock exchange, utilising the IBM Security capabilities. This deal was directly attributed to experiencing our SOC VR experience at Sibos, six months earlier.

Post event, our experience has continued to be reused at events across the globe, delivering value, capturing data and continuing conversations.