Challenge: There were two main challenges at 2019 Cisco Live Europe. Firstly, we needed to amplify Cisco, ensuring the event was fresh through the theme of ‘Imagine Intuitive’. Secondly, we wanted to encourage attendees to ‘imagine’ and elevate their vision of what’s possible with the right Cisco technology.

Strategy: The core audience at Cisco Live are ‘hands-on’ with technology. People come to Cisco Live to advance their knowledge with in-depth explorations of how the technology works, not just what it is. To create personal connections with the Cisco brand it was important we designed interactions that conveyed those stories in an inclusive way.

Solution: Imagining a place where work and play thrive. This year we introduced ‘The Playground’, a vibrant interactive space that harnessed the power of imagination to problem solve and learn. A place where people could explore Cisco stories in-depth and reignite a sense of child-like wonder.

Imagine innovative ways of learning.

The City of Drones allowed people to explore the world from above. Participants learnt to block code by completing drone missions based on Cisco’s work with drones in Dubai. Teams were forged, challenges were mastered, and imaginations were captured. This activation had more than 1,000 interactions with over 800 unique visitors, with many people coming back to play again over the week.

Imagine the impact of digital transformation.

The Domino’s x Cisco challenge involved matching Cisco Services to their correct functions in the fastest time possible. In this tactile experience, we showcased how Cisco supports Domino’s digital transformation and ensures your pizza gets delivered. The balance of analogue with digital made it a treat for the senses and over 400 participants raced against the clock in the name of pizza.

Imagine technology that teaches itself.

Cisco facial recognition technology learns from each person it encounters. Our digital team prototyped and created an activation that showcased the power of this tool, and how it could be used. We collaborated with Cisco to create a mural of every participant’s photo. This proved to be a unique opportunity for 870 people to meet and interact with cutting-edge technology.

Imagine making a difference.

Making a difference can be as simple as a skateboard. That’s why we asked attendees to help us customise 150 skateboards which created an installation during the event to promote three local children’s charities in Barcelona. Now, these skateboards have been donated to the charities for children to connect with others and learn new skills.