New jacket. ‘Must-have’ shoes.

And a fresh set of wheels.

How GPJ is placing Infiniti cars on the shopping lists of consumers at one of Europe’s largest malls.

Since it opened in 2008, Westfield has become West London’s premier shopping destination – attracting more than 70 million visitors each year. Within the 150,000 m² of shopping lies ‘The Village’, home to the world’s finest luxury labels and brands. The perfect environment to showcase the latest Infinti models. A range that defines a new style in driving.

Out in front.

We have created a brand experience that focuses on enhancing the retail principles specifically relevant to Infiniti – European premium with Japanese service. By inviting consumers to interact and explore the brand, we have disrupted their regular shopping journey and built the perfect platform for the all-important initial sales contact.

Empowering the drive.

As the first point of consumer contact, it’s key to bring both the Infiniti brand and their ‘Total Ownership Experience’ principles to life in an engaging and premium way.

To appreciate the brands dramatic lines and bold proportions, potential customers are invited to enjoy a test drive that starts just downstairs in the Westfield car park. It’s the perfect opportunity to get hands-on with the vehicles luxurious interior and obtain a true feel for its superior drive.

A new perspective.

Initially we presented three designs – including a completely new execution and a ‘re-skin’ of a previous Infiniti stand (demonstrating our ability to work within a set budget).

The preferred design focuses on a premium look-and-feel reflecting the dynamic lines and quality materials Infiniti has become renowned for. Clean. Luxurious. Powerful. The installation – just like the Infiniti brand – breaks the mould of conventional design.

Defining a new style.

A bespoke office area combines with an illuminated ‘showroom-style’ platform that supports the vehicle. LED lighting frames the stand and the areas of consumer engagement. Beneath the car itself, a distinctive display adds a unique sense of movement that mirrors a quality-control test facility.

Built-in interactive monitors convey more information about the vehicle and a configuration screen invites consumers to personalise their ideal car. Real samples of trim and paint options also add an extra touch of tactility.

Unexpected inspiration.

Our new installation delivers an empowering, sensory ‘zen-like’ experience. And although the Q30 has been the first vehicle to feature, the installation can be adapted to showcase other new Infiniti models; refreshing interest among regular Westfield visitors and enhancing the brands reputation for innovative design and technology.

The project has shown how GPJ can reinvigorate an existing concept to incorporate new brand guidelines and ensure it fits comfortably with current automotive trends. Early signs indicate a great deal of interest. But true success will be measured on the number of interactions, test-drives and, ultimately, the sales our new experience delivers. Watch this space.

“From conception to project delivery, GPJ demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and unwavering commitment to providing an engaging and exciting experience. It was a very successful operation.”

Nizar Selfani, Infiniti Strategy & Business Transformation Manager