Challenge: An increasing focus on transparency, diversity and sustainability meant that the Cannes Lions’ adland audience are looking to their technology partners for support. Our challenge was to prove that IBM are the perfect technology partner to fulfil this need.

Insight: We knew that the Cannes audience were there to make a name for themselves and we identified this as something we could leverage to attract higher engagement.

Solution: We showed the audience how IBM innovation and tech is positively impacting industries all over the world.

Our ‘Dear Tech’ activation asked people to send a letter to tech stating what they expect from technology. In response IBM sent a letter back showing them how they are solving that challenge. The audience then got the exposure they craved by appearing on a billboard at the heart of the festival beside their letter to tech.

We knew we needed to make the content shareworthy, so we photographed the audience against beautiful illustrated backdrops arranged in an eye-catching, revolving hexagon which could be twisted round to their chosen topic. Alongside the billboard, there were multiple opportunities to share content through social media to extend the reach of the experience.

We successfully raised awareness of IBM’s active role in sustainability, tech for good, removing AI bias and effective marketing as we surpassed the clients target of total users by 25%, with 95% of users opting in to receive more information on IBM.