Create a Nike oasis for sponsored athletes (and their families) during the 2017 Athletics World Championships in London. A safe haven away from the intensity of the Olympic stadium and boredom of the Athlete’s Village.


Many of the competitors had never visited London before. This was a chance to welcome them. To celebrate the capital. And to apply a Nike filter to ensure they experienced the city as a top athlete – avoiding all tourist clichés.


Excited. Nervous. Elated. Focused. Our aim was to get into the mind of the athlete. Appreciating how they feel pre-and-post their events. And then to consider how our experience could support them – leaving them calm, inspired and relaxed.


At Nike House E1W, Nike Performance met London Energy. Our whole approach centred around the brand’s philosophy – ‘serve every athlete individually and completely.’

The venue invited Nike heroes to celebrate a creative, urban city – no red buses or black cabs. We presented London through a Nike lens. The city’s craft, music and dance. Its multi-cultures and its energy; through photography, independent film and art.

As well as presenting the athletes with the rich culture and heritage of London, Nike House provided valuable services including a physio and product distribution. Quiet press, lounge and refreshment areas helped the athletes relax; and they were encouraged to curate their own personal experience – such as fitting a spike, getting a haircut or enjoying a bespoke nail treatment.

A chilled-out taste of the capital. An escape. A place for Nike champions to recharge. Reenergize and reflect. Nike House was the perfect place for sponsored champions to ‘find their London’.

‘GPJ really impressed us with the strength of their creative idea. The Team clearly share a passion and understanding of the Nike brand and our ongoing support of our athletes.’

– Nike Marketing Team