Challenge Bring Statoil’s sponsorship of the UCI professional cycling ‘Arctic Race of Norway’ to life. Build on their ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’ programme to raise awareness of the Norwegian multinational oil and gas company’s STEM project – particularly among families.

Insight Statoil is the main partner of this pivotal race – an inspirational event that attracts huge amounts of attention throughout the Nordic region and beyond. Through its sponsorship, Statoil has enhanced its growing reputation for sparking inspiration and enthusiasm to build skills and encourage learning.

Strategy Building on the previous ‘Science in Sports’ campaign we explored how Statoil’s STEM principles can be demonstrated through sports, culture and music. By showing the science behind these everyday activities, we provoked intrigue and curiosity by encouraging the public to get ‘hands-on’ with our experiences. Less passive. Much more collaborative.

Solution It’s a fact. Immersive learning stimulates innovation and inspiration. It creates memories that last far longer than when an audience is asked to simply look and listen. With this fundamental principle of experience design in mind, we produced an event that focused on four key areas of cycling.

Cycle Science – Just how do gears and ratios work? And why is one cog bigger than another?

Gear up – The chance to learn about the love of Lycra and aerodynamic advancements in sports kit.

Pedal power – We asked our audience to pedal with passion to discover how much energy they could create.

Bike Lab – A place where cycling fans could learn how to repair and maintain their bike to keep it operating safely and in optimum condition.

Throughout the gruelling four-day 687km cycling event, our themed activations created an awareness of power and Statoil’s commitment to the efficient use of energy. Engaging. Empowering. Enlightening. Our experience has inspired the next generation and may well have sparked an energetic revolution.

‘Just wanted to thank you for a job well done during this year’s Arctic Race. The experience worked really well and created lots of engagement.’

– Cathrine Instebø, Head of Experience Marketing.

Summary This was the furthest north our UK Team have travelled to deliver an event. And the distance brought with it a whole host of new logistical challenges. But the trip to Tromso was well worth it. The Arctic Race of Norway is more popular than ever. This year it was broadcast to more than 180 countries. And thousands of energetic cycling fans engaged with our experiences. Immersive experiences that underlined Statoil’s commitment to its STEM project and educated a proud nation on the importance of energy efficiency.