Step into the Workday World

Challenge: Changing platform is an upheaval for any business and often there are concerns around how long it will take to implement. The challenge for us was to create a campaign that made Workday an effortless digital transformation opportunity for businesses to take up.

Insight: People feel more at ease about change when they know what to expect. Therefore the process of switching to Workday needed to allow businesses to visually escape from their old world and explore every element of Workday. Gifting people a sense of familiarity.

Strategy: Workday needed to inspire clients to make the move. We showed people how much brighter the Workday world is, leading them gently through each benefit brought to life in VR. We also focused on the satisfaction of their current community (which include Netflix and HP) to assure people that Workday change their business for the better.

Solution: Workday opens another world for businesses. So we brought this world to life through an immersive virtual reality experience. Users experienced the transformation by evolving into the world in a few seconds, representing the start of their own digital transformation journey.

The VR experience was at the heart of a bigger campaign. We teased the concept of the Workday world on social media, supported by out of home advertising onsite. The stand itself stood out with vibrant colours and a welcoming atmosphere, acting as visual representation of the world people were about to enter.

So far, over 500 people have journeyed into the Workday world with our VR experience, including 242 CIO’s. A climbing total of 1638 minutes have been spent immersed in the Workday brand.

The campaign demonstrated Workday’s progressive nature and investment in future technology solutions. Workday has been a new embracer of experiential marketing and – much like their own platform – this campaign reflects the benefits of adapting and evolving.