Originally set to debut alongside IBM Think 2020, IBM envisioned the idea of an art-chic showcase of their most innovative blockchain client success stories, visually told through the lens of artistic interpretations. While the cancellation of in-person events were not in anyone’s plans this year, creativity thrives amid change. GPJ began to strategize with IBM to carry the idea forward and retain the goal of bringing blockchain to life in a meaningful way. The result: Blockparty launched as a 5-series virtual experience meant to inspire and empower the community of visionaries behind IBM Blockchain and its impact on the future of business.

Welcome to Blockparty

Our close client collaboration turned out a new format, taking the physical gallery approach and transforming it into a digital and dynamic mix of serialized programming, exclusive content, interviews with the visionaries and access to other IBM resources. 


Marina Berlin

Jerry Business

Alex Garcia

Erin Zhao

John Osgood

We began by sourcing local artists from the San Francisco area to study the client success stories. Then they were commissioned to create custom art pieces that each conceptualized a core component of Blockchain, drawing from the stories as inspiration. Each work delivers a unique snapshot of where technology intersects with humanity, enabling a new level of consumer confidence. Our film crews captured the creative processes of each artist, including behind-the-scenes footage that provided additional, in-depth commentary behind their creations.

Coordinating with IBM and their clients, we established the episodic framework and theme of each week leading off with the artist, their featured artwork, an in-depth conversation that tied the art to the industry’s innovators & industries, and finishing with a call to action.


Part of a Community

By leading attendees to the interactive virtual hub, visitors were granted opportunities to engage with IBM’s visionaries, subject matter experts & speakers and Q&A sessions via chat. We saw thousands of registrants from 87 countries who attended and engaged. As a result, our teams are already considering new ways to extend the Blockparty format to future events and continue telling the stories that are shaping business today. The move to digital opened up interesting opportunities by making the artists a vital part of the client stories while greatly expanding the reach and longevity of the broadcasts that may not have been possible without change.

To see more of the story and rewatch the episodes, visit the Blockchain Virtual Hub at: