Challenge Inspire, excite and engage all COTY employees at their annual internal comms conference. Magnify and multiply their achievements. Celebrate the successes and everyone’s efforts. And help them plan for the future.

Insight GPJ worked with Wella to produce a memorable event in 2016. But this year – having been acquired by COTY – the occasion needed to be bigger. Much bigger. And as well as COTY, the Wella story now also involved the OPI & GHD brands. This was the first time all of these beauty brands would come together. The perfect opportunity to showcase everything that’s great about the new larger organisation.

Strategy Sparkling. Shimmering. Dazzling. Our event was made up of three key sessions. The initial internal welcome and comms conference. A Catwalk/Hairshow. And finally, a motivational awards ceremony and party. This conference was the opportunity for the whole organisation to reflect on the past 12 months – and to look forward to 2017 and beyond.

Solution It was time to disrupt. Provoke. Challenge. And inspire. To celebrate individuality. And promote bravery. Content management was key. Focusing on the key message of ‘Be brave and go beyond’ we involved everyone – starting at the very top of the organisation. We invited key members of the leadership team to push themselves. To step outside their comfort zone. And to do what they expected their employees to do.

We filmed the brave leaders overcoming their fears, then played the footage to their employees at the conference. Once they’d seen their management living the company values, they were all set to follow – to be brave and go beyond.

Our refreshed ‘Stylists do it Better’ campaign, brought the backstage front-of-house. All styling of hair, make up and nails for the showpiece Catwalk/Hairshow was done in front of the employees – so they learned techniques and tips first-hand from the experts.

It was time to be brave. To go beyond ambitions. To accept there are no limits.

And to dream… big.

Summary Our concept mirrored all that the new COTY, Wella, GHD and OPI partnership represents. The conference helped inspire brand loyalty and really brought the ‘Be brave and go beyond’ ideal to life. In fact, it’s still being used post-event to motivate employees.

We believe we achieved our aims. And those of the Team leaders. But there’s only one set of opinions that count – those of the audience. So, surveys have been sent to all attendees. Brave? Actually, we’re quietly confident.