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NEWS: Applications for our UK 2024 Autumn Program will open soon.
Contact gpjukcareers@gpj.com  with any questions.

It’s never been more exciting to be in the experiential marketing industry. Our clients expect the boldest, most innovative ideas that bring their brands to life and deliver on business objectives. What makes this possible is the culture of creativity that is built and fostered at GPJ.

The Ignite@GPJ Training Program is an entry-level, train-to-hire job opportunity focusing on immersive, hands-on experiences. Ignite@GPJ is a short-term, full-time job in the experiential marketing industry that includes dedicated training and support to help you be successful and prepared for current and future roles. 

This training program is an opportunity to explore the experiential marketing industry while contributing to our client work. You do not need to be a current student to apply. We welcome graduates, university placements, and people returning to the workforce.

  • Paid 6 or 12 month apprenticeship in a global, fast-paced agency
  • Working directly with event teams, clients and vendor partners across a variety of projects
  • Perform hands-on work with dedicated support in an open, learning-focused environment

The Work

The work varies by team, account, and event. Our commitment to program participants is that your experience will include hands-on learning doing the actual work of GPJers. During the interview process, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about each area.

  • Assigned to client billable roles and tasks
  • Cross-department exposure and learning opportunities
  • Ownership of small projects
  • Event on-site travel opportunities

The Support

The Ignite@GPJ  program is dedicated to helping you advance your career in experiential marketing with dedicated support from our world-class team members. Each participant will have access to the following individuals and opportunities.

  • Mentor, Manager & Peer Support
  • Assigned a peer network
  • Assigned an Ignite mentor / office lead (5+ years exp.)
  • Regular 1:1 with a member of leadership / manager
  • Experiential Marketing Skills Building Curriculum
  • Two week general on-boarding program
  • Training on software systems used
  • Regular tactical and soft-skill development sessions
  • Career Development Guidance
  • Ignite milestones that emphasize learning and growth
  • Career exploration guides & portfolio planning
  • Formal feedback at mid-point and end of program
  • Transition meeting: End of program, support for documenting experience, accomplishments and learnings to include in resume / portfolio

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