Live Production

GPJ is the world’s top event and experience agency because we understand the logistics of public storytelling. Every client we work with has the nugget of a powerful story to tell. Our skill is extracting and magnifying that story through immersive content creation and event production, ranging from public ceremonies and entertainment to conference keynotes and world-class hospitality. 

Our live production capabilities unite all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – providing you with the peace of mind that only comes with working with the world’s leading provider.

Our Live Production capabilities include:

  • General Session Creative & Production
  • Special Event Design & Production
  • Mega Event Design & Production
  • Stage Management & Execution
  • Set/Stand Sound, Video & Lighting Design
  • Speaker/Artist Booking and Management
  • Stage Production & Choreography
  • Scriptwriting/Speechwriting
  • Content Creation