A true brand experience is so much more than an interaction

It’s that moment in time when a customer not only sees the brand promise but is also able to live it in ways that drive deep affinity and loyalty.

At GPJ we’re experts at getting to the heart of what matters most to your audiences and then developing holistic experiences that attract, engage, empower and activate individuals and whole brand communities.

Benefits of Experience Marketing

Remember the old teaching adage about the importance of showing, not telling? The same principle applies to experiential marketing. Customers are no longer interested in hearing a list of features; they want the chance to experience benefits for themselves.

Our approach to brand experiences is all about operating on multiple levels (rational, emotional, psychological, etc.) and executing using the right mix of modes and media that are authentic to the interests, behaviors and expectations of your customers. The result is a natural, participatory brand experience that cuts through the clutter and truly engages, rather than just interrupts.

At GPJ, we understand how to craft and execute immersive brand stories. It starts with insights into your audience – taking the time to understand what will motivate and activate an audience. Based on that framework, we develop:

  • Unique, Exciting Experiences that Engage Users
  • Innovative Technologies that Foster Relationships
  • Supportive, Long-Term Engagement Strategies Through Online, Mobile and Physical

We custom-design and build interactive experiences to showcase your unique products and services. Experiential marketing creates a buzz about what your customers are feeling, how they are reacting, and what they like about your brand. By incorporating forward-thinking, experiential design into your marketing strategy, you will tap into a consumer’s basic desire to have a hands-on emotional bond with your brand.

Synapses in your customer’s brains are wired for experiential marketing. Your prospects learn by doing and then by sharing their experiences with others. It’s a powerful opportunity for customers to explore and to have fun. By trying it, they know if they like it. Then, they will talk about your brand to their friends and family by reflecting on what happened, the sequence of events, and what they liked best. When they participate in a unique adventure with your brand, they become bound to it. Their emotional experience is burned so vividly into their brain, they won’t forget it, because the recall is so strong.

There is something about creating a moment in time, so memorable, you can’t explain how it affects us, but it does. These moments can’t be replicated because they are your own, so personal and so powerful. This form of self-expression is a marketing tool unlike any other. It’s about entertainment, emotion and rewards.

We scale innovative experiential events to meet your needs. You can target a small group of high-quality prospects that share their experience exponentially with others through social media. Or, you can create one-of-a-kind, epic events to make a big splash, where the audience is so focused and engaged, they want to join in and talk about it for days. At GPJ, experience marketing is about your customers truly experiencing your brand in a human way.

Experience Design

Industry experts talk of experience marketing, but only GPJ has a rigorous, programmatic approach to creating brand experiences, which we call experience design. It unites all of our disciplines strategy, creative, technology and production and focuses those talents through the eyes of the clients brand community.

The result is a proven, continuously improving understanding of how to optimally engage your customers and move them to action.

Customer Experience Mapping

Customer experience mapping is a special strategic methodology we use for evaluating our clients audiences at a deep level and then turning those insights into experience design that leads them to take specific actions or come to specific conclusions that benefit the brand in some way.

The most easily recognizable part of the customer experience design is the graphical roadmaps that customer experience mapping produces. These maps are an easy way for you to quickly understand exactly how we’ll lead attendees in a purposeful direction, measuring everything that happens along the way. This applies to both the broader purchase cycle and to a physical or virtual event, where they are taking specific actions in real-time.

Every branded event, experience or permanent installation we produce entails some form of customer experience mapping. It’s an essential tool to make sure our clients’ brands are fully aligned to audience expectations and each client’s business objectives.

Strategic Experience Mapping

Our proprietary process for gaining deeper insights into target audience needs, wants and behaviors along with ideas for better meeting those criteria is called Strategic Experience Mapping (SEM).

Strategic Experience Mapping was created by GPJ in the mid-1990s and has evolved over time to ensure it generates results for clients at every stage of the planning lifecycle.

The output of a Strategic Experience Mapping program is a schematic that aligns brand objectives against audience segments and the types of content and experiences each of those segments needs, over time, to create desired actions. When Strategic Experience Mapping is combined with our Portfolio Planning model, clients have a truly powerful toolset with which to make data-driven decisions.