One Young World

“Go and create the world you want to have.”

– Professor Muhammad Yunus

One Young World provides the world’s brightest young people with a global voice. It inspires action and empowers them to create positive change. It’s not a political organisation. It’s a global movement. And this year’s gathering in Ottawa once again provided a stage for the leaders of tomorrow to be heard.

From fighting terrorism to combatting climate change. Migration. Education. Global warming. And global business. One Young World ambassadors are tackling some of the most important problems that face our planet today.

Born to change the world.

The 2016 One Young World summit in Ottawa brought together 1,300 future young leaders from 196 countries. All committed to change. And all eager to debate solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

In the presence of global luminaries such as Sir Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and inspirational figures such as John Landau, Cher and Emma Watson from the world of entertainment; young Ambassadors voiced their opinions and debated their future – and that of their world.

“It’s not about what we can do individually, but what we can do together.”

– Emma Watson, Actress

GPJ created a physical and digital stage for the world’s young leaders to confidently discuss and debate their global issues. A single forum that showcased the very best in logistical and production capabilities, providing an environment where the content and delivery of each speaker remains the central focus – enabling a multitude of delegates to share and engage in the issues that matter to them most.

Following their successful introduction at OYW 2015 in Bangkok, we also arranged Ambassador-Counsellor Planning Sessions to ensure OYW Ambassadors focused on developing action plans for their causes – and didn’t simply concentrate on creating awareness.

We’re here to nurture ideas.

At GPJ, we’ve been bringing ideas to life for over 100 years. And this year we continued the trend. We asked the OYW delegates to share their ideas for a better future with us by literally planting their ideas in the GPJ ‘Thought Garden’. Our judges then picked a winning idea – a seed of inspiration we think we can help grow.

“The choices you make have the power to create a future we will all be proud of.”

– Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

OYW is unique. It’s the only truly global event of its kind. The attendance of the very engaged – and world famous – celebrity councilors continues to raise its profile. They are all committed to the cause on a very personal level and their involvement grows every year – enriching and empowering those who contribute.

But One Young World is not about the celebrities. Each year the focus is, quite rightly, on the delegates themselves – both individually and collectively, contributing and voicing their concerns with a passion that affects everyone, everywhere. Hoping to create a better planet. Striving to make a global difference. And a better world – for us all.