We know that in person events are the most effective way to create engaging experiences, however sometimes this isn’t possible…

Considering the recent impact that we’ve seen on large scale events/live experiences and restrictions on international travel due to the Coronavirus, we are cognizant of the fact that you still have commercial objectives, products to launch, global audiences to engage and are seeking to minimise any effects on your business.

Disruptive or catastrophic events aren’t new for those of us in the event industry, whether it’s a budget cut or a public health crisis — it’s these circumstances that push us all towards innovation and embracing change.

As it is uncertain if any live events will be able to go ahead for the next six months, we can help you evolve your marketing and events programme to stay relevant in the digital space.

At GPJ, we believe in the power of experience, whether that experience is live, content or digital.

By transforming your live events programme into compelling online experiences you can stay connected to your audience, when they may be feeling their most disconnected.

This is not new territory to us at GPJ. We have been delivering online experiences with our clients for over ten years, and are at the forefront of helping our clients pivot at this unchartered time.

We know how to create and deliver great online content and engage your audience who will be working and dialing in from home. Be assured, you are in safe hands.

First things first, let’s take a minute to reflect & reassess

Now it’s about capturing that audience, keeping them engaged and delivering a memorable experience.

While the social distancing measures in place are only short term, the event landscape as we knew it has changed for the foreseeable.

Before we dive into moving existing programmes online, we have the opportunity to reflect on the plans that we had and assess if they will translate into the online space as they stand or if they need a rethink.

Taking away the lure of event catering & branded giveaways and the ability to connect face to face with thought leaders & peers, we have the opportunity to engage with the audience that genuinely wants to connect with your brand and message.

This puts your speakers and visual content at the forefront, with none of the event frills to hide behind. We’ll help enable them to hold their own in the noisy digital landscape.

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